AG Industries CPAP Tube Cleaning System

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Cleaning your CPAP tube has never been easier. Cleaning system is a convenient and simple way to keep your CPAP tubing free from mold, mildew or bacteria. The tube caps seal the ends of the hose and allows the solution to soak in the tube while hanging from the tube bridge. Once complete, hang the hose to dry thoroughly. Choose from one of the two options for hanging the system: use the hook to hang from anywhere – shower curtain bar, towel rack and shower door or shower head. Or, use the suction cup to attach the tube bridge to any smooth surface. This product includes: 2 – tube caps, 1 – tube bridge, 1 – hook attachment ,1 – suction cup attachment.


  • Use the end caps to secure a cleaning solution inside of the tube
  • Hang the hose to soak
  • Take off the end caps, flip the tube to dry, while hanging from your chosen surface
  • Cleans soaks & dries
  • Small convenient size – good for travel


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