Welcome to SnoreFreeSecrets.com!!

For most of us sleep is the ultimate relaxation source. But imagine yourself in a deep sleep and suddenly out of nowhere your partner or roommate starts snoring out loud. If you have been in such a situation you know how irritating it is. It’s like nails down a chalkboard, loud rumbling, snorting nails.

There you are, Frolicking around in dream land all nimbly-bimbly and then queue the snoring! My name is Josh,  I Snore, I snore loudly, for that matter I snore obnoxiously! And its driving everyone in my house insane.  So i started this site to document my journey in remedying this problem for the sake of my health, and for that matter, the sanity of everyone in my house.  If the adverse health effects of snoring doesnt kill me, my fiance will!

I hope you can find something useful here to get you a better nights sleep